Thursday, 27 June 2013

Rejection - an Ode!

Tune your harp, lets sing a song,
we get along well, let us travel along.
I mean to do right and out comes wrong,
Rejection, my friend! To you I belong.

Friend and the foe, ambition has been both.
To be or not to be, ambiguous my thought,
but in the end, it matters no more.
Rejection, my friend, you matter a lot.

Rejection, my friend, approve of me,
Approval has been angry with me.
With passing time, I relate to you,
adopt me and answer my plea.

Rejection, my friend, let us become family,
Dejection I'll become, a brother to thee!

Let go of! Dec.16,2012.

Pray and persevere all through life, whatever pain it brings,
Because Life is all about letting go of things.

Topsy-turvy, turbulent, turmoil,
Coal, rusted and ruined, in a silver foil.
Do not regret! Do not revolt! Be mind-cuffed.
We have been taught to let go of, remain bluffed.

They dominate, we fall to servitude,
Armchair speculation is what loves the multitude.
Do not revolt! Do not rebel! Compromise.
We have been raised to let go of, but never rise.

He is hit, I am not. I am fit, why should I?
Inaudible his cry. Maybe he'll die! Care? Why should I?
I fear to care, I fear to dare, and I fear to stand.
I have been forced to let go of, and..

..and my soul just died, never to resurrect,
I let go life. Let go of!

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Enjoyed all, Got enthralled.

Went there, came here... everywhere!
But got nothing that could please.
Tried a leap, the path was steep,
fell down on life's crease.

Enjoyed all, got enthralled,
thought life was at ease,
never could imagine, never could hope,
that the success stories would cease.

I thought, i did,
but could not do, what aces did.
I craved, i yearned,
but never could understand what i need.

Enjoyed all, got enthralled,
what life is about, paid no heed,
never could imagine, never could hope,
that i'll have to repent my deed.

Damaged things, got evil links,
ruined life and nothing better.
Thought i was right, got a fall in pride,
made all my dreams shatter.

Enjoyed all, got enthralled,
played with life, turned it into a tatter,
never could imagine, never could hope,
that even the triflings could matter.


The moment i saw her, i was in dreams,
golden sunrays, rainbow..the world seems.
Dew, ah! My heart leaps,
feels overwhelmed, love it keeps.!
She- so appealing, She- such a cutie,
i am so thirsty, She is my frooty,
my heart run over, by her over-speeding scooty.

My desire, i aspire, i yearn for the only thing,
the sweetest honey-drop - She, She- my belonging,
She is what i dream, She is my longing,
She is a 'twinkle', i want to be her 'bling'.

Just to be her Prince, i'll defy all laws,
i want to be love-prisoned, want her to be the cause.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Are you Single??

The deep blue eyes, and the cascade of hair,
takes my breath, makes me stare,
makes me lost, i don't know where?
Makes me ponder, whether to dare or not to dare?

You are beautiful, prettier than beauty itself,
the beast might be better, i think of myself.
To try my luck is what i fear,
and therefore i am confused, whether to dare or not to dare?

I would love to be lost, but not love-lost,
so, amongst your million suitors, i'll dare first.

"Your thought makes me thoughtful of thoughts unlimited!
May i love you, love you till i am dead?
Give me a chance, i want to make that angle,
just wanted to ask you Juno.....ARE YOU SINGLE??"

Back Again..

I am back again, back with a bang,
single enough, don't need a gang,
strengthened myself, out of pang,
entombed the sad song, which i sang.

I am back again, back in style,
buried the past, closed the file,
strengthened myself, my spirit agile,
learnt a song, on which i smile.

I am back again, back to win,
to stand out of the throng, the common din,
strengthened myself, away from sin,
now i sing a song, vim akin.

I am back again, back to steal,
hearts of all, all with zeal,
strengthened myself, learnt to heal,
happy is the song, glad i feel.

I am back again, back to be heard,
to appeal to all, to say my word,
strengthened myself, courage mustered,
valour my song, makes me a stalwart.

I am back again, back to shine,
to make me better, better than fine,
strengthened myself, now i don't whine,
i rhyme a song, a song divine.

Yes! I am back again, touchwood!..In time,
no tears now, only symphonies sublime,
strengthened myself, made happiness prime,
Hope is the song, which i rhyme.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

The GIST of my LOVE..

A picture paints a thousand words,
what words devise is hard to conceive.
So i take you down the memory lane,
though its hard to reminisce, tough to retrieve.

Lets move to the summer of '07,
twas a mistake, i still bereave.
A chip on my shoulder, i would say,
i erred, i mistook, is hard to believe.

I was basking in the glory craved by men,
flying high in the eighth heaven.
Fame unbarred, i was A+ on card,
all-rounder even, proclaimed now and then.

With that 'one-fault', i changed my fate,
that proved lethal, yeah! Hell!
With a sudden jerk, made life intricate,
broke, broken, when i fell.

From ways of victory, to roads of rampage,
from roads of right, to the river of riot,
from golden verses, to a blank page,
from fun-filled flight, to barred bondage.

Yeah! Indeed was a Girl,
i mistook as a pearl.
Bound by her thoughts, i ruined life,
damaged me, caught in the curl.

Dark her thoughts,black insight,
but the show plausibly pure, almost white.
I lost my path, swayed from the right,
i fell deep down, an enormous height.
I lost my sleep, lost my diet,
found everything lovely, better than alright.
I was 'falling', knew not my plight,
because i was shaken, wasn't upright.

Thought she cared, thought it was Love,
her eyes said this, twinkling like stars,
Assuming, fancying, imagining, fantasizing,
hoping, praying, yearning, dreaming i was!

One year passed, i thought i'll do,
but before i could, she said,"I LOVE YOU",
Summer of '08, yes it was,
in the lovelorn errand, i was through.

One year more, things changed the pace,
summer of '09, i was out of the race.
She did something to me, i couldn't cope,
i was shattered in whole, i hated her face.
She lied and ditched, led me to hate,
my tears kept rolling, but she didn't wait.
She moved on, changed her style, changed her gait,
with a new toy to play, she was on a date.

I begged and prayed, cried and whined,
her reminiscence pained me, kept me crying.
Her lips met his, now she wasn't mine,
thought of suicide, thought of dying.

I lost my love, she swayed from the right,
i had fallen..ah..she was my plight!
I lost my sleep, lost my diet,
found everything dark, darker than night.

Soon she called up, said,"I am sorry",
"I still love you, honey don't worry.
You are my first love, keep in touch,
i still need you, miss u much.."

Now that was pain, severe-most on my list,
for me not pure, how could she dare?
My love was short, fake, my fault,
was not a story, was shorter than a gist.

She pained me a lot, loved me not,
i stand nowhere, here she brought.
I wasn't strong, swayed with her,
she played on me, a merciless plot.

'Falling back in love', is what i fear,
because.. She made me cry, who was so dear.
No more of 'Love', promise you...never,
because i am in blues, as "I Loved Her......"